Friday, February 11, 2011

Montreal Fashion Week

I checked out the Barila fashion show last night as Montreal Fashion Week came to an end. My friends and I reached Bonsecours Market a bit late and couldn't find our seats - we got in just minutes before the show was starting and the place was rammed. Upon entering we were pushed and shoved and shooed away from one spot to the next . Talk about hectic! In all the frenzy I even lost my apartment keys (I won't even start on that!)

But once the curtains rose the place fell silent. All eyes were glued on to the models (and that's when we finally managed to secure some seats).

I sat there taking in the entire scene. It felt quite surreal with the bright lights and the cameras and the fashion critics swiftly jotting notes, almost like a scene out of the Devil Wears Prada. The entire hoopla lasted no more than 20 minutes. After which there was a schmooze-fest at the bar we were led down to. 

Quite an intriguing evening - but I'm happy to be back in my reality.

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