Monday, May 31, 2010

The Paint Brush and I

I painted so much this week-end, and enjoyed every single bit of that experience! I dig the poetic, heartfelt ghazals, the hard-core, angst-filled hiphop or soothing ambient music that I play in the background. I especially like that first dip of a dry brush in water which I gently dab into a dallop of fresh, acrylic paint. The highlight, by far though, is swiping that first brush stroke of colour on a blank white canvas. It gives me hope for endless possibilities on my canvas and with life in general. It stirs up a flood of emotions within, some good, some bad, some neither. But I feel completely alive within. Or more alive than I already am. Does that make any sense? It's the only way I can describe it.

I'm going to do some gardening today. I've been missing it for a few years now. I very fondly remember gardening with my Dad growing up in a small town of Ontario. But that was decades ago; I became too much of a city girl once we moved to Montreal. I'm ready to delve my hands into the dirt again. I plan on buying the prettiest and brightest flowers out there. Anything but marigolds though! Every Indian family plants them in their gardens, including my own parents.

Will post pictures when I'm done!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Heat Waves in Ahmedabad

Oof! It's over 30C today, hot hot hot! But I love it! I received another email from my cousin in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Kushboo's going crazy in the 43C heat. She explained that it's been hotter than usual this month. Everyone's been hiding indoors between 12pm-6pm. The usually bustling streets are deserted during these hours, even motorists stay on the down-low. Thirty-nine Amdavadis have already died from sun strokes! Yikes.

Am off for my first tennis lesson ever shortly. Hope I'm okay at it. I haven't really played any sports since high school. Let's see.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Barefoot Model in Briefs

I did some more shopping today, bought two new dresses and a pretty top that I absolutely had to have. It was a beautiful day in downtown, the weather was excellent yet again, but I think we're in for a downpour tonight.

There was a Greek god (or at least he looked like one), tall with an athletic build, prancing along Ste-Catherine Street's downtown core today. He was walking alone, barefoot, solely in a skimpy pair of grey briefs. He was oozing of hotness, and was getting a double-take from both genders, some couldn't resist taking photos of him whizzing by. He was unfazed by all the attention; he kept his head up high, shoulders back, and walked as suavely as ever. I tried to catch up to him, I just wanted to know why he was walking barefoot. It had to be a publicity stunt, though I didn't see no Calvin Klein logo on him. Or maybe he was doing it as part of a dare, or maybe he wanted to get noticed by a modelling agent... Anyway, I never caught up to him. So now we'll never know what that was about. Sigh.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Am loving this week-end! Was inspired enough to finish another painting. Heading to a bridal shower shortly. It's nearly 30C out, I get to bust out a summer dress, finally!

Here are a few shots of some of the kids I met in India. They were incredibly charming and knew how to leave an impression! The first and last photo are of children we met in Rajasthan. They were fascinated by my digital camera. The second was shot in Gujarat and the third in Bangalore.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Why Do Montrealers Hate Toronto?

So the Habs did pretty poorly the previous two games, but last night was something else!

My week-end in Toronto was pretty interesting. I like the city. Most of my friends don't like Toronto though, some even claim to hate it. Getting around is a pain, traffic is a nuisance and most of the drivers don't know how to drive. I'm convinced most bribe their way into getting a licence, I know a few people who've done that even here! So when you think how the heck did that person get his/her licence to drive, technically some really shouldn't have.

I got a lot of shopping done, which is always a good thing. And I couldn't stop eating, the outdoor food stalls and downtown restaurants kept tempting me. I also thought people there were quite friendly for the most part.

So I've finally figured out my India photo theme to showcase at my friend's restaurant. I'm happy with my selection, hope clients are too! They still need to be developed though, I'll get to that this week.

Have a great long week-end!

Friday, May 14, 2010


Man, another rainy morning! Did you know I only saw rain twice in India during my five months there? It’s not because the country never had rain, just that back then, I was always in the right region at the right time. The reminder of all the warm weather that embraced me there is making me a bit nostalgic.

My cousin in Gujarat isn’t dealing too well with what’s considered normal weather for there right now. It goes up to 40C, yikes! Kushboo and I have been keeping in touch mainly by email. I keep asking for updates on the people I met in the “Sattlelite” building. There are days when all I want to do is grab a delicious, inexpensive bite at Havmore or go for a crazy shopping spree at one of the local markets…

I have a busy week-end ahead. I’m doing some overtime tonight and then packing for a Toronto get-away. We’re driving off at 6am tomorrow. I’d like to share more details about our little road trip but my friends wouldn’t be too happy about that.

Oh, the Habs won 5-2 in Game 7! Things are getting interesting! Have a fabulous week-end!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Go Habs Go!

I'm not a big hockey fan but there's something very infectious about the Habs fervour in this city. I'm psyched about tonight's game!

I used to find it silly watching grown men and women sit on the edge of their seats, shouting at opponents and cheering for their chosen team on-screen. But I'm starting to feel the intensity they feel now. I get the nerves, the anxiety, the oh-I'm-so-nervous-I-can't-help-but-yell-out-loud syndrome, even if there's no actual goal at the end, and the instinct to jump up and down with one's arms in the air shouting, "Yes!" "Woohoo!" "Yeah baby!" or as my little niece likes to yell out, "Go Habs Go!" when they do make a goal.

It all looks very ludicrous to a once non-hockey fan like myself. But now, well, I get it. This link pretty much sums up what everyone's talking about here:

You know what I'll be doing tonight - watching the Montreal Habs kick some Pittsburgh Penguin butt!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Belated Happy Mother's Day!

I can't believe it was snowing yesterday! Snow in May is just weird. I was in denial about the weather and stepped out in my flip flops and a light shawl. It was freeeeezing. Thank goodness I didn't have to be out there for too long.

For Mother's Day my family and I attended a 3-hour katha (basically a form of religious story-telling) at a local temple. Then the temple committe members took an extra hour to explain how the temple was running out of money, and donations were urgently required. Once that was over the mandhir became a huge socialising event. An aunty coyly inquired on my marital status with one of my relatives. I think she heard about my Indian escapade and wondered if I came back taken or still single.

She asked about my age, work situation, who my parents were, etc. And then she blurted out the obvious, that she had a guy in mind for me. All this to say that the brilliant, hard-to-miss match-making skills that I noted desis have back in India, are still alive and thriving quite well in North America.

A belated HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the wonderful, hard-working and generous mums out there!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's Raining...

What a dark and gloomy day. It's been raining since 10am. Customers are not happy, it's spoiling their touring plans. I'm trying to remain cheerful as part of one of my job requirements.

All I really want to do is curl up in bed with a good book to read and some steaming dark hot chocolate covered with a handful of partially melted mini-marshmellows to sip on. And if I had a cat (not that I like cats), it would be quietly and intently gazing out the window. Just sitting there in still motion, absorbing the view, thinking of things only it will ever know. I'm not a cat person but there's something comforting about observing their very sleek and quiet ways on days like today.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Yoga ='s Sanity

Am off for a yoga session again tonight, it's helping me stay sane as I ponder upon the lull in my career. I've also started hip-hop classes, have been making a total arse of myself! But am not giving up, for now.

I'm so relieved the bombing attempt in Times Square yesterday failed. It's unnerving, all I can think is enough already.

I'm sharing one of my favourite shots taken in India. It was at Tithal Beach in Valsad (located in southern Gujarat). There's a popular Sai Baba temple on the beach shore, my camera died out before I could capture any photos of it though.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wake-Up Already

I live for my Saturday nights, but then Sunday mornings, not so much. The only thing that's getting me up is the thought of a really good brunch! I'm starving!